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coronal n : flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes [syn: wreath, garland, chaplet, lei]

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from Latin corona 'crown'


  • (US) /ˈkɔrənəl/, /kəˈroʊnəl/
  • (US) /"kOr@n@l/, /k@`"oUn@l/
  • (US)


  1. a crown or coronet
    • 1485: Thomas Malory, Le Morte D'Arthur (spelling modernized) - Then the glutton anon started up, and took a great club in his hand, and smote at the king that his coronal fell to the earth.
  2. a wreath or garland of flowers
  3. a variant of colonel


  1. relating to a crown
  2. In the context of "astronomy": relating to the corona of a star
  3. In the context of "botany": relating to the corona of a flower
  4. In the context of "phonetics": relating to a sound made with the tip or blade of the tongue
  5. In the context of "anatomy": a "coronal plane" or a "coronal section" divides a body into dorsal (back) and ventral (front)

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